Name 姓名: Jay Vin Foong 馮佳文

Age 年齡: 22

Hobbies 興趣: Singing 唱歌、Table Tennis 打兵乓球、 Swimming 游泳

Special Talent 特別才能: Juggling 雜耍

Favorite Countries 喜愛國家: Malaysia 馬來西亞、 Hong Kong 香港

Favorite Singers 喜愛歌手: Jay Chou 周杰倫、Michael Wong 光良、JJ Lin 林俊傑、Eric Chou 周興哲

Favorite TV Shows 喜愛電視劇: 13 Reasons Why

Favorite Movies 喜愛電影: Rush Hour、Star Wars、 Home Alone

Favorite Food 喜愛食物: Fried Rice 炒飯

Most Memorable Moment 最難忘經歷: Performing in UBC's first ever Cantonese singing competition.
第一次參加 UBC 大學的廣東話歌唱比賽

Most Embarrassing Moment 最尷尬事情: Went to a boy scout camp when I was ten and ended up puking in the tent at night. 十歲時參加童軍訓練營,晚上在帳篷內嘔吐

If you were asked to imitate a person, who would that be 如果要模仿一個人,會是誰? Michael Wong 光良